The Paranormal Zone

           A little Introduction...


I first became interested in the paranormal back in the 1980s and from then on I have researched many different aspects in connection with it, specifically the UFO phenomena. At one point several years ago I began to gather testimony along with events that seemed to cluster around an area in Warren and Palmer, Ma. I have also found that other areas of high strangeness such as "The Bridgewater Triangle" , "The Bennington Triangle", "The Skinwalker Ranch" and the Pine Bush NY area have also had numerous unusual events taking place for many decades as well.
  I don't claim to understand it or label myself an expert on the subject, but if anyone took the time to closely examine whats really going on, they would be amazed by the facts.
  We now have credible people including military officers, pilots, policemen, doctors and many others coming forward to talk about their encounters with something that we don't yet understand. We may never know, but if we succeed in learning more about it then maybe the information can be passed to others in the future so that they can continue the journey....

 - Scott Browne Oct. 2010

An on air interview I did on my good friend Deron's radio show "The Front"

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Original Air Date: October 04, 2010 Tonight on The Front: "They're here!" Well maybe,we don't really know but with all this UFO news breaking into mainstream media I thought we'd hear it from an expert. My very special guest will be Mr. Oliver Kemenczky, seasoned UFO investigator. Find out more about Oliver here, Plus ,my personal friend, UFO investigator and creator of The Front's logo, Scott Browne will join me in studio to interview Oliver. Hope to see you all there, should be a great show. You can listen to the show below...

Welcome to the Paranormal Zone...

On this site we will document everything that takes place  including the multiple trips into the "Zone" and what we uncover there...

Warren, Ma. 2010                              Aerial View of "Devil's Peak"                              Warren, Ma 2010

Aerial view of Rt. 67                                  Signs posted everywhere                             View from Devil's Peak

November 13th, 2010

November 28, 2010

January 29th 2011

Strange Happenings in the Paranormal Zone  

   I decided to write down everything that happens, including anything that seems insignificant or not important.

   Back in October 2010, a friend of mine (Kevin) and I were taking a trip around the back of “Devil’s Peak” slowly cruising along when we spotted a turn off to our left. I suggested we check it out and as Kevin began to turn down the road we spotted the gate so we veered back onto the path we were traveling. We were both able to see a yellow, metal gate with “No Trespassing” signs attached to both sides. In the middle of this gate was a white, cloth banner with yellow fringe and it said “” across the center with the Marines logo. I remarked how strange this was out in the middle of nowhere and that maybe we should come back later and photograph it. Since that day we have repeatedly searched this area for this road and cannot find it. It sounds bizarre and unbelievable, but it’s almost as if it never existed. We have both tried to figure this out without any answer. Its bothered us ever since and cannot be explained.

   In late November 2010 another friend of mine and contributor to the site (Neil) were taking a night time trip to the same area and I parked momentarily on the side of Gilbert Rd. to observe the large open fields. As I was looking in the opposite direction Neil said “Did you see that?” He said he saw some kind of strobe light off in the woods behind the field. I did not see anything due to the fact that I was looking in the opposite direction. We drove another 200 ft. or so and pulled over again. Neil stated that he saw it again and we sat for a few minutes waiting, but did not see anything else.

We found the road on January 28th and here is an aerial view showing large trailers at the end of this road….the road that this dirt is attached to is also known as "Devil's Elbow"....

March 11th & 18th 2011