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UFO Captured in Photograph of the Stone of the Secret, Brazil Published: 1:55 PM 10/22/2010 Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - 10-11-10

The unknown flying object that you see in the photograph was only noticed when my photos were uploaded to a computer.

Several pictures were taken at the time, but only in this one did the object appear.

The location where the photograph was taken is Cambará South, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. This is the only picture taken of the Stone of the Secret , the mountain that appears in the photo, which was taken on October 11.

Note: The area is one of great natural beauty, with several interesting natural formations. Nearby lies Pedra do Segredo (Stone of the Secret), a famous natural outcropping of stone that attracts mountain climbers and tourists from all over the state and elsewhere.

Interesting footage of UFO activity over Cuzco Peru - Machu Picchu recorded from a plane in flight from Lima, Peru to Cusco, Peru en route to Machu Picchu, Peru on Friday, 22nd October 2010.

Cumming, Georgia on Saturday, 23rd October 2010 around 11:25 am.

On Saturday, October 23, 2010, my wife and I were traveling in our SUV heading down 141W (Peachtree Parkway) at approximately 11:25am EST. We were approximately 3 miles from our destination when my wife, who was sitting in the front passenger seat stated she sees something in the sky that she can't identify. I asked her to describe it and she really couldn't, just that's she's never seen anything like it. I then peer out the window for a glance and notice the object. I take a double and then triple-take. It was silver in color. At times it looked cigar shaped but the more we looked at it, it appeared more of a disk. It's hard to tell exactly how high in the sky it was but I would say it was about the same altitude as a low flying plane. The object was not really moving, it appeared stationary. It was not an airplane, nor helicopter, bi-plane, weather-balloon, flare or anything else of the sort. We were on our way to get our daughter's hair cut for the first time, so we brought our digital camera. My wife got it out quickly and took the first snapshot. The camera focused on her window so it came out blurry. The next time I told her to zoom in as far as she could go and try to take another picture. She did, and the attached picture is the result. My wife looked at the picture she just took and by the time she looked back up at the object (less than 10 seconds had transpired) was completely out of site. We spent the next couple minutes looking out the windows as we were driving to see if we could again spot it but to no avail. It was definitely gone.

About 25 minutes go by and we are finished getting our daughter's hair cut. We drive back on 141 although in the opposite direction. As we neared the location where we originally sited the object, we began to look for it again. Amazingly, we spot it, in the same general vicinity, although this time it's traveling in the opposite direction and moving at a slow but steady speed. I immediately find a parking lot to pull into; it was a church. As I'm about to park the car, the object is in full site, again, moving relatively slow. I take an additional 10 seconds to turn the car 180 degrees into a parking spot. By the time my wife and I get out of the car, the object is now nearly out of sight in the far horizon. I couldn't even spot it anymore and it was my wife (with her better far sight) that spotted it way off in the distance for a couple seconds before it again disappeared.

In sum, my wife is a UFO skeptic. I was amazed that she was so into this object and she only would have been if it was an extreme anomaly. The shape and variable speeds of the object is most perplexing. To note, as we got back on 141 to drive home, we noticed a black helicopter fly directly overhead at a few hundred feet. When you look at the picture, you will notice a phone/electrical line running across. Directly below is the object. When zooming in, you will immediately notice black bands/spots towards either end. I forwarded the picture to my father late last night, who is an engineer and frequently has contracts with NASA and other aeronautical associations, and he too is states that it is unlike anything he's ever seen. Please let me know if you have any further questions and I would appreciate knowing whether anything was reported in the sky by any other agency. Thanks and good luck.

Zecharia Sitchin...

We regret to inform you that Zecharia Sitchin passed away on the morning of October 9th. A small, private family funeral was held the next day.

The family asks that you respect its privacy during this difficult time and refrain from contacting family members directly. Instead, to offer tributes to Mr. Sitchin or to contact those handling his affairs, please email tributes[at]sitchin[dot]com or send a letter to P.O. Box 577, New York, NY 10185. We appreciate the support that you have given over the years. Please continue to monitor this website for further updates.

Another Blue UFO - This Time over Boston

Published: Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 By Frank Lake

BOSTON – The same UFO that was seen over Virginia two days ago was seen over Boston last night!
People all across Boston were shocked to see a Blue UFO in the sky last night. It first appeared at 1:30 AM, and was sighted off-and-on for the next two hours. The UFO seemed to change in size, but the circular shape remained the same.
The same exact UFO was spotted over Centerville, Virginia on Monday. Local authorities dismissed the sighting (as they always do) and said that there was a logical explanation for it – though they did not offer one.
They were quick to say that they do not think it is the same UFO that was spotted in Virginia, but UFO experts are convinced that this is part of a larger alien battalion of UFOs.
The Defense Department and Homeland Security confirmed to WWN that the UFO was spotted over Boston, but declined to make any further comments.
UFO experts at Harvard aren’t holding back.....
“That was definitely a UFO. We think it is part of the alien invasion that has been predicted to take place in 2010 and 2011. We must all prepare,” said Professor David Collins a Harvard astrophysicist.
“I woke my whole family up,” said Paul Costello of South Boston. “I couldn’t believe me eyes, but it was there. My children my scared, especially because they heard a high-pitched sound. I didn’t hear it, but… we are scared to death.”
Costello said that though they were frightened for a couple of hours, he thought that the alien spaceship looked beautiful.
"We couldn’t take our eyes off it." In the last month there have been UFOs spotted in New York, El Paso, Virginia, Boston, Sante Fe and Chicago. Is there an explanation for the increased number of sightings?
Is something under way that we don’t know about? Where will the next UFO be seen?