The Paranormal Zone

These three photos were taken in October of 2010 in Warren, Ma.

THREE DAYLIGHT DISCS CAVORT OVER MASSACHUSETTS On Saturday, April 27, 1996, at approximately 6 p.m., a man standing on the eastern shore of the Quabbin Reservoir, just west of Petersham, Massachusetts, spotted three UFOs in the sky over the huge man-made lake.

"I saw them moving in a circular, sweeping sort of motion," the man said. "They made no noise and produced only a brightening light that seemed to silhouette them against the sky." At first "the UFOs appeared as lines in the sky," he added, "but by their appearance I judged them to be flat or concave in shape. The area (of flight) was west of my position looking over the Quabbin. The objects were moving at what I would say was 30 miles per hour in a north-south rotation, switching directions in the air. I watched them for about five minutes until the objects zipped over the (Berkshire) hills to the west."