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I would like to welcome you to our site. Please feel free to contact me about any strange events in the Palmer/Warren Ma. area. If you choose to not have your personal info revealed, I will honor this request.
10/30/2010 04:10:59

Hey Scott!
Cool site here! Since I'd spent so many years living near/hanging around Burleigh Park, I thought I'd tell you what I know. The chained-in dwelling is an old potato/vege storage and the 'cave' was always referred to as the witches' dungeon. Brings back memories!

11/8/2010 06:04:10

Thank you Beckie...the stone chambers are very controversial and they have been called everything from root cellars to druid temples. The strange part about the Palmer chamber is when it was found it was buried under the surface and there were no dwellings ever built there.


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